Competitive Examinations Based On Multiple Choice Question

  1. a)    UPSC Preliminary for Indian Civil Services
  2. b)   WBCS Preliminary
  3. c)    WBCS mains examination expect Bengali, English and optional papers.
  4. d)   Combined Graduate Level
  5. e)    Rail, Bank and others

All the above said examinations provide premiere services of India and other high class Government Jobs of India.

What should be kept in Mind

  1. a) Mock test questions should be made of Targeted Examination type question and solely based on the syllabus of the said examination.
  2. b) Quality of the Questions of the mock test must be at par or may be in the higher part of the Respective Examination.
  3. c) In this regard , it is proved that the best mock test questions can only be made by the persons who already cleared the hurdles at least once or more time
  4. d) These Mock Test ( By pdEducation ) Questions are prepared by Experienced WBCS (Exe) Officers of West Bengal.

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