Syllabus of WBCS Preliminary Examination


We are trying to know the scheme & syllabus of WBCS Preliminary Examination. Already we have completed two days and covered the four categories out of eight. I hope you read the previous articles.


We are on third day now.

Let us start with next category Current Affairs

If we check the previous year’s question paper, we can understand the strategy of Public Service Commission.

To pass any examination you need to know the syllabus of the examination or the mindset of the question paper setter.

PSC describes the syllabus of Current affairs as following statement-

Current events of National & International Importance. Twenty five questions will come from it. PSC used fewest words to say the current affairs syllabus of WBCS preliminary. So we have to more cautious and choosy for this category.


To handle the pressure of current affairs, the following routine may be very useful for you

  1. Read newspaper daily for 1 hour

I recommend you two daily, one English another Bengali. Any English news paper like The Hindu, The Telegraph, The Times of India can be help full. The Hindu is the best in this field. But, it may not available in your area.

Don’t worry buddy ….

Take any one of the above and that will be enough for you.

In case of Bengali news paper, I recommend Anandabazar Patrika. Don’t go for others. Read this single one.

One thing, you have to keep in your mind- don’t invest a lot of time for reading news paper. You have to spend your time precisely and don’t skip any day to read the news paper as well.


  1. Watch TV news channel for 30 minutes

It will be very good if you can follow this along with the print media. But only for 30 minute a day. If you can not manage the time, don’t worry about it. It will be managed by pdeducation youtube channel or our websites.

  1. All India level monthly magazines can be followed also one or two

It also a very good way to empower your pen. Because some all India level magazine are very good for any kind of civil service aspirants. Reading habit of these will make you smarter and confident. You writing will be better also.

Try to avoid the ‘information overloads’ you know that the present age is totally based on the ‘Information Technology’

Everyone including you are carrying a Smartphone today and very fast it became a close friend of you.

You spend a lot time with this gadget.

Try to make time useful for you. I don’t want to say to decrease the time. I am saying; make it a investment which can give a healthy return in future.

Read good article on Internet, useful video on YouTube, collect important information and update yourself with current event of national and International importance.

Definitely you will be benefited.

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