Preparations for West Bengal Civil Services 2020 Preliminary Examination

We are going to start Preparations for West Bengal Civil Services 2020 Preliminary Examination. Friend it is the right time and it is the best time to start.

It may be that you have appeared the 2019 preliminary examinations. And you are not satisfied at all with your performance in the examination hall you visited with a lot of dreams on the day of Saraswati Puja we had in last week.

Now you are quite frustrated with your studies. You are thinking that WBCS is not for you. It’s preparation need a Coaching Centre.

Your efforts can not results a handsome number of right answer which is over than WBCS preliminary cut off.

Believe me boss…

At the  primary stage of our preparation to get any job we all are to face the situations. It seems everything  goes wrong. No light is there.

Please forget everything and start the journey now as I already said it is the right time for you….  because you have one clean year on your hand. Think of that three hundred and sixty five days … the foundation year of  your successful career and future.

The year will be divided into fifty two weeks and the weeks will be into seven days. Each and every planning have been done by the pdeducators who are already crossed the border, passed the examination we are talking about now.

Let us start Day One of First Week

To pass any kind of examination, you need to know the syllabus thoroughly. Do the first thing first. Know the syllabus of West Bengal Civil Services 2020 Preliminary Examination. For these, you have to go through the next paras of these article or you can visit the official website of West Bengal Public Service Commission

Syllabus of West Bengal Civil Services Preliminary Examination

The Preliminary Examination will be based on only one paper which is called “General Studies”.  The paper will ask you 200 (two hundred)  objective type multiple-choice questions. Each question carry equal number which is ‘one’. The paper will carry 200 marks.

It will be of 2½ hours duration one day examination.  These two hundred questions will come from following eight fields of knowledge

a) English Composition   -25 Marks

b) General Science  -25 Marks

c) Current events of National & International Importance – 25 Marks

d) History of India    -25 Marks

e) Geography of India with special reference to West Bengal – 25 Marks

f) Indian Polity and Economy  -25 Marks

g) Indian National Movement  -25 Marks

h) General Mental Ability  -25 Marks

Please notice one thing that almost all fields are known to know you. You have not to read any alien subjects or Rocket Science to be a WBCS Officer or a West Bengal Civil Servant.


I will show you some more details of the Syllabus of West Bengal Civil Services Preliminary Examination 

English Composition

Questions on English Composition will come from the following categories- Synonyms, Antonyms, Idioms and Phrases, Vocabulary test, Phrasal Verbs, the same words bearing more than one meaning, use of appropriate and qualifying words, voice changes, error correction etc.

Examples one

Find the appropriate synonym of the word ‘Indefatigable’

(A) Tireless

(B) Indomitable

(C) Unhappy

(D) Incompatible

( Question Number 7 of English of WBCS Preliminary Test Booklet 2019)

Example two for Antonym

Add a suitable prefix to form the opposite of the word ‘Balance’.

(A) Nonbalance

(B) Unbalance

(C) Disbalance

(D) Imbalance

( Question Number 22 of English of WBCS Preliminary Test Booklet 2019)

Examples three for Idioms and Phrases

The idiomatic expression ‘see eye to eye’ means

(A) agree with someone

(B) to remain neutral

(C) to take over (something)

(D) to enjoy the best of both

( Question Number 4 of English of WBCS Preliminary Test Booklet 2019)

Believe me you can easily answer most of these questions of this twenty five. You need proper books from which you can learn these basic English and Vocabulary or simply follow our Youtube Channel pdEducation and read regularly the websites we recommend.

And another thing.. you can read English News Paper Daily. It will help you a lot.


I will write another article about the Book list of WBCS Preliminary Examination.

General Science

To attempt the Questions on General Science of WBCS preliminary, you need  general appreciation and understanding of science, including matters of everyday observation and experience as may be expected of a well-educated person who has not made a special study of any scientific discipline.

Its very clear that no one expect you to be a scientist buddy…


Go through some examples

Example One

The number of spinal nerves in human body are

(A) 12 pairs

(B) 31 pairs

(C) 31

(D) 12

মানুষের শরীরে সুষুন্মা স্নায়ুর সংখ্যা হল
ক) ১২ জোড়া
খ) ৩১ জোড়া
গ) ৩১
ঘ) ১২

( Question Number 28 of General Science of WBCS Preliminary Test Booklet 2019)

A bomb is dropped at a point from a moving aeroplane. The pilot observes that

(A) the bomb traverses a curved path and falls some distance behind that point

(B) the bomb traverses a curved path and falls some distance ahead

(C) the bomb falls vertically downward

(D) the bomb remains stationary in the air some time

কোনো চলন্ত বিমান থেকে একটি স্থানে বোমা ফেলা হল। বিমান চালক দেখবে যে
ক) বোমাটি বক্র পথে চলে ঐ স্থানের পিছনে পড়ে
খ) বোমাটি বক্র পথে চলে ঐ স্থানের সামনে পড়ে
গ) বোমাটি উল্লম্বভাবে নিচে পড়ে
ঘ) বোমাটি বায়ুতে কিছু সময় স্থির থাকে

( Question Number 29 of General Science of WBCS Preliminary Test Booklet 2019)

Friend we can take rest here for today. We will resume on day two with the rest of the syllabus of WBCS Preliminary Examnation.

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