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Friends, hope you ‘all is well’. Now the time to share the answers of West Bengal Police Sub-Inspector Recruitment Mock Test. Earlier, we set standard Mock Test Questions for you. Certainly, you all attempted the Question and managed good marks. Study and carry on practices to improve your chance to qualify or pass the Examinations.

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Ans is followed

a) Report writing

Fake news on serial media became a headache for Government

A report prepared on June, 2018 says that there are 478 Milion Internet user in India. Most of them rely on mobile phone to be up dated or for any news rather than television or Print Media now a days. But, the source of News providers are not so reliable here on this Social Media platforms.


At times social media is used by irresponsible users or conspirators who want only their profit by spreading fake news . General people often are trapped and start producing consequences.

Riot between two religion, Moblynching and various nuisance have been already happened in India on basis of Fake news.

The following measure can be taken to stop spreading of fake news ————–

  • Google, Facebook, Whatsapp and other social media house may be contacted by the government and asked them to apply some technical mesure in this regard.
  • the Government also should bring some strict laws.
  • People are the main stake holders who have to be more responsible . They should carefully judge such news before trusting or forwarding


b) Report writing

ABC Municipility Launched All Fight Campaign against Dengue

13th December 2018, XYZ: A road drama with very nice plot have been performed by the local people of ABC Municipality today . The drama tells the story of a meeting between two friends after a long time . They belong to two separate municipality . One of the Municipality is often is in the news headlines for dengue . Another municipality has not any case of this disease . After a conversation they realise that it is beause of awarness and safety mesures taken by one of the municipal Administration and people .  A lot of cultural event and speeches of Doctors and Chirman of the Muncipility have been performed along with the road drama . All the activities related with dengue prevention create a great impact among the people of ABC Municipility.

More over an special team has been formed to monitor the cleanliness of the area. The members joined the team from local club, ward councilor , local people.

From today, any one can inform or register a complaint against them who will violate the calous activities which increase the Aedes aegypti or the chance of dengue.



Today most of us have come back to our senses. I believe that there is not a single Indian exists who does not want to see resuscitated by  restoring ruined honour and lost glory of this ancient, holy motherland. But by  just thinking of it one cannot achieve it. One has to find a way out of this. One also has to face many obstacles, difficulties and differences of opinions in this way of achieving. I must request you all to stick to a eternal truth throughout your entire life that do not interfare into the right of others. Let them to get all whatever claims they have, whatever be it  or of whoever it is.



Aged person generally remain isolated and separated. Though they need all time attention because of their constant senile problems. To the young generation, Old person are not in favour of new ideas and changing their thoughts. But this is true for all even who are young now.
Nobody wants to be looked as aged. They try all means for not to be looked old.

Title: Old age : A sad stage of life


Idioms & phases 

i) A hot Potato – Risky problem to deal with

Sentences : Corruption in polities beome hot potato today


ii) Ball is in your court

——– your responsibility now

Sentence: I tried to guide you to appear this examination with my experience, now the ball is in your court.


iii) Best of both worlds—

——-two different benefit at the same time

Sentence: My friend is a film critic, she is earning money by watching movies, she gets the best of both worlds.


iv) set up the plate


To make responsibility for doing

Sentence: Only that young man came forward and set up the plate during the crisis period.

v) Out of the blue —-  unexpectedly

Sentence:  One day , out of the blue, the man got sacked from his job.


Antonym  Meaning


2) Suitable —– Unsuitable, unfit

3) Anxious  ——– Carefree

4) Activity ————– Inaction

5) Fanatical ——— Indifferent.


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