Story Of Sentinelese

We can start with the view of Sydney Possuelo

“isolated people do not manifest among us …they don’t ask anything of us….they live and die mostly without our knowledge”

Who are Sentinelese

Sentinelese is a untouched tribe who live in North Sentinel Island in Bay of Bengal. Recent research say that there are near about 100 untouched tribe till date exist on our earth. Most of this kind of tribes though concentrated in      Southrn America region.

Their way of living can be classified Paleolithic style that means they are living in a time which dates back one or two million BC. (The Paleolithic age which lasted from 2.6 million years ago to about 12,000 years). Although some research or researcher claims that the sentinels know the uses of fire. But you can bet on this ground that they are not such kind of people who practices agriculture. They are Hunters and Gatherers.


Why in News

Now a days suddenly Sentinels attract the attention of people and media …. along with social media after killing a so called tourist of America, Allen Chau. As other issues is taken by modern day civilisation, Sentinelese issue also granted for chopping like hot cake. Every one started expressing  their views. And no problem at all in this regard. We have freedom of speech we can say anything…. ha…ha… ha…

Why do we know them

This type of issues are always become topics of Competitive Examinations. This matter is out and out related with our humanity and serious matter of concern. UPSC and PSC always emphasise on that a person who is searching for a job or willing to work for the country should know one’s country and her people. UPSC and PSC surely bring some question on this issue in coming various examination. The question may be objective type multiple choice or conventional descriptive type…. that is no matter.  So friend go through the article minutely and be prepare for some common question in your exam.

Some more word about them

The Census 2011 provide us a absurd number of Sentinelese population which is between 50 to 400. They live on the rudimentary economy of hunting and gathering. They use bow and arrows for hunting and fishing. They gather coconut, natural fruits as their primary food. Think what simple life they lead. They are very hostile and violent tribe. They dislike the outer world and modern societies. Their world limited to the Island which is only 59.67 square kilometre. They need reservation to survive but in their own way as they can not live in the society where we live. It had been proved earlier. Once a colonel officer  and his team captured six Sentinelese, a couple and four children and took them to Port Blair, the capital of Andaman Nicober Island. He  wrote that all the members of the tribe  “sickened rapidly, and the old man and his wife died, so the four children were sent back to their home”, the North Sentinel Island.


Our Duties

Now the question arise … then what should we do???

Leave them alone, do not disturb the simplicity of their little kingdom.


We should bring them to the modern societies. Because of being of modern day Indian it is our duty to extend our help to the community who are living behind the time.

Answer is not so easy as simple as the social networking platforms and their user opine and describe. Majority of the social media vote for the reservation and not to intervene by the administration. But you have to rethink that our duties is not over to leave the situation to maintain status quo.

Indian Government and Andaman Nicober administration should continue the process to connect their heart and trust of Sentinelese tribe. It is true that a lot of research and steps are needed before approaching them. As we failed a lot of time earlier but the process should not be stopped. They also deserve education, health, food, technologies, communication and other modern day’s facilities. It is astonishing that a world of Stone Age exist away 50 km from Port Blair, a capital city of an Indian Union Territory and only 36 km away from a modern city.

Nationality of Sentinelese !!!

Its very interesting that we Indian denies some research and investigation which consider the Sentinelese as descendants African people who migrated out of Africa thousands of years ago. Recently one George Aineah Kinywa commented on a social media platform “ As an African I feel proud of them … I wish I was there and see the world from their angle… this is paradise untouched”.  In no time, he was trolled for his comment and the trollers claimed that the Sentinelese are Indian. What do you think ? Are they Indian ? If any one go there and issues Voter Identity Card or ADHAAR to all sentinelese … any positive change will come to their life? No nothing will be changed so fast. So , don’t think about their nationality, you may research their origin for further series of communication expedition with them if require.

Proud to be Indian

Indian Government launched several Mission to befriend the tribe. Almost all failed. But not in a single instance, Indian Administration used force to control over the people and the Island.

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