Discover Yourself In You


You may have heard the phrase that ‘unemployment is a curse.’ May be it is; actually we, all, in every aspect of our life want to be secured & ‘employment’ gives such a sense of great security. It is hardly possible to find a person who spent a calm, composed, peaceful life during the unemployed days. Though we are associated & working on preparation for the competitive examination here but our today’s discussion is for all whoever is going through this gruelling phase.

Overcome frustration


Who does not get frustrated with life unless & until managed to get a job of satisfaction? Everyone does. But, friends, before appearing for a competitive exam make sure of certain things. Like,

  • You are appearing for such exam because your friends are doing So?
  • Is it really appealing to you to work in Government sector?
  • Are you really want to be a civil servant & why you want to become that?
  • Is it so that parents are pressing hard to have a Govt.job & that’s why you just left your business idea?

clear to yourself only

Actually point is that be very clear to yourself only, not to others, about your future plan & goal. It may be that you would have to go through the rough phase for more longer than others. But bear with that. Because it is very necessary to nurture a dream in yourself & to give a shape of that dream in reality. Nothing can be more satisfying & blissful than that. At the same time failure is the another part & parcel of these days of unemployment. Almost every person sets out with a goal & everything does not go smooth all the time, one might has to face unexpected obstacles.


Do’s of yourself

In spite of being disoriented……..

  1. a) have faith in yourself;
  2. b) be determined,
  3. c) be mentally firm & courageous &
  4. d) make yourself convinced that you do possess enough strength to overcome such difficulty.


Learn from your mistakes & failure

Mistakes & failure are very part of our life. Even a small error at one stage can put to waste years of hard work. May be we have to rebuild our goals, reorient our paths. Each setback teaches us a new fact of life & something about our own personalities. When we face obstacles, then only we find hidden potential of ourselves. Before that we had no clue about it. Actually it is the mistake or failure that make us known about our resilience, inner strength. In difficult times without being perplexed one has to move on with life keeping ample faith on oneself.

You are a product of your thoughts

As the saying goes ‘ A man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes.’ Sometimes we fix or start to think that we are not capable of such work or cannot be able to successful or the exam is too hard to crack ; I am not that much meritorious or I don’t have that much academic excellency. It is all our thoughts that are limiting ourselves; all these negative thoughts actually are blocking our hidden potential or resources to come out. If you start some work taking some negativity in back end of your mind  then nothing can be able to make you successful.

Server of subconscious mind

It is only the thought of being successful in true sense & spirit can make one successful; nothing else! Because what kind of thoughts are being created in your mind get stored in your subconscious mind & you all know that subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind, hence send some positive thoughts so that you get your desired result.

Discover yourself in you

Know yourself thoroughly, identify your strength & weakness & work on to convert your weakness into strength. Do not limit yourself to any stereotyped idea or thought. Burst all the myth. Do hard work as it has no alternative & no shortcuts will do. Be a voracious reader. Your inquisitive mind will definitely show the road of success. Last of all, do keep the door open for learning as it is a never ending process. From everywhere we get to learn something new, just keep your mind open & be inquisitive.


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