Introduction : Importance of Indian Polity for WBCS and Other Examinations


Any kind of  Government Job holders is to deal with orders, acts, Law, Rules- Regulations —– more over Indian Constitution. So All the Recruitment board, employing authority can not avoid rather they want the subject of Indian Constitution or Indian polity. They set a lot of questions in their Examination Papers.

UPSC ( IAS,IPS, IFS——) and State PSC has special papers on this Subject.


Indian Polity is also useful for essay writing , under standing various current event of the country and the world,  preparing for the interviews of any job.

In one word , Indian polity is a must read subject for aspirant who are preparing for UPSC & PSC examinations like IAS, IPS, WBCS and etc


Why are we called the Subject “Goldmine for marks’ ?

We can justify the phrase with the following points­­­_____


  1. Surely, you will find Indian polity Question in your exam paper.
  2. It has the probability always of Question numbers in the higher side.
  3. In examinations of Recruitment common Questions or familiar questions are very much valuable.
  4. Your preparation for the subject never fail. It must brings result always.


So friend—– you also can say Indian polity is ‘Gold mines for Marks’.



  1. Choose Quality books from the market.. we are giving some links you an buy by clicking the links ( yes its our affiliate links)
  2. Follow the contemporary judgement of Supreme Court and high Court.
  3. Read current related to polity.
  4. Read News paper.
  5. Watch Rajya Sabha TV & Lok Sabha TV if possible
  6. Download best Quality, ‘Constitution of India’ pdf on your mobile
  7. keep close with PdEDUCATION Group following three resons……..
  1. PdEDUCATION —- Youtube Chanel
  2. com for notes, Mock test etc.
  3. You can by buy e-books of pdEducation on Indian polity and Mock TEST .



All the aspirants of WBCS, IAS and Other Services are very lucky that there are so many books in the market to read about Indian Polity. Our choice and vote are always for M Laxmikant. Its enough to pass any Competitive Examination India. More over this book is well written in easy english and suitable for these kind examinations (UPSC, PSC).

If you want some reference book or advanced books please collect DD Basu . He is the master of this field. And here is the very important advice dont increase the number of the books. It will be very bad for you.

If you are very weak in English and a Bengali Medium student , you may go for Degree Course Book by Anadi Kumar Mahapatra. It is the best books in bengali version.



For Anadi Kumar Mahapatra … you have to do local purchase

If u want purchase M laxmikant polity books ..


If u want purchase DD Basu polity books ..


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