Mock Test-1

Mock Test is very important before appearing such type of examination which is based on multiple choice questions. It makes an aspirant confident, easy and interested. Moreover, he/she knows each and everything in detail which give him or her high level efficiency making not wrong.

Competitive Examinations Based On Multiple Choice Question

  1. UPSC Preliminary for Indian Civil Services
  2. WBCS Preliminary
  3. WBCS mains examination expect Bengali, English and optional papers.
  4. Combined Graduate Level
  5. Rail, Bank and others

Q1. Which one of the following pairs does not form the part of the six systems of Indian Philosophy?

a)   Mimansa & Vedanta

b)   Lokayata & Kapalika

c)   Nyaya & Vaisheshika

d)   Samkhya & Yoga

Q2. Which of the following statements is/are applicable to the Jaina Doctrine?

a)   The surest way of annihilating Karma is to practice penance

b)   Every object, even the smallest particle has a soul

c)   Karma is the bane of soul & must be ended

d)   All of the above

Q3. Which of the following describes best the concept of Nirvana in Buddhism?

a)   The extinction of the flame & desire

b)   The complete annihilation of self

c)   A state of bliss & rest

d)   A mental stage beyond all comprehension

Q4. The religion of early Vedic Aryans was primarily of

a)   Bhakti

b)   Image worship & Yajnas

c)   Worship of nature & Yajnas

d)   Worship of nature & bhakti

Q5. Why did Buddhism start declining in India in the early medieval times?

a)   Buddha was by that time considered as one of the incarnation of Vishnu & thus, became a part of Vaishnavism

b)   The invading tribes from Central Asia till the time of last Gupta king adopted Hinduism & persecuted Buddhists.

c)   The king if Gupta Dynasty were strongly opposed to Buddhism.

d)   All of the above

Q6. Who among the following was not a proponent of Bhakti cult?

a)   Nagarjuna

b)   Tukaram

c)   Tyagaraja

d)   Vallabhacharya

Q7. Who among the following laid the foundation of Rashtrakuta empire?

a)   Amoghavarsha I

b)   Dantidurga

c)   Dhruva

d)   Krishna I

Q8. Between which of the following was the ancient town of Takshashila located?

a)   Indus & Jhelum

b)   Jhelum & Chenab

c)   Chenab & Ravi

d)   Ravi & Beas

Q9. With reference to the invaders in ancient India, which one of the following is the correct chronological order?

a)   Greeks- Sakas-Kushanas

b)   Greeks-Kushanas- Sakas

c)   Sakas-Greeks-Kushanas

d)   Sakas-Kushanas-Greeks

Q10. BhakraTukaram was contemporary of which Mutual Emperor?

a)   Babar

b)   Akbar

c)   Jahangir

d)   Aurangzeb

Q11. Who among the following was not a contemporary of the other three?

a)   Bimbisara

b)   Buddha

c)   Milinda

d)   Prasenjit

Q12. Emperor Harsha’southward March was stopped on the Narmada river by

a)   Pulakesin I

b)   Pulakesin II

c)   Vikramaditya I

d)   Vikramaditya II

Q13. Which part of the India remained unaffected by the sepoy mutiny?

a)   North India

b)   South India

c)   Central India

d)   East India

Q14. Who was in command at Bareilly in the sepoy mutiny?

a)   Nana Saheb

b)   Begum Hazrat Mahal

c)   Kunwar Singh

d)   Khan Bahadur

Q15. At the end of the sepoy mutiny in 1859, Nana Saheb managed to escape in —

a)   Myanmar

b)   Andaman

c)   Nepal

d)   Tibet

Q16. The name of Digambar Biswas & Bishnu Biswas were associated with

a)   Sepoy mutiny

b)   Indigo Revolt

c)   Swadeshi Movement

d)   Tribal Uprisings

Q17. The cultivation of indigo was wiped out from the districts of Bengal by the end of

a)   1859

b)   1860

c)   1861

d)   1862

Q18. Which of the following Newspapers used to publish regular reports on indigo planters’ oppression & peasant resistance?

a)   Hindoo Patriot

b)   Bengalee

c)   Amrita Bazar Patrika

d)   Indian Mirror

Q19. What was the reason for success of indigo revolt?

a)   Organisation & co operation among the ryots

b)   Complete unity among the Hindu & Muslim peasants

c)   All of the above

d)   None of the above

Q20. Bengal Tenancy Act passed in

a)   1887

b)   1883

c)   1885

d)   1884

Q21. Who commented that Congress ‘ was a product of Lord Dufferin’s brain” ?

a)   Bipin Chandra Pal

b)   LalaLajpat Rai

c)   Subhas Chandra Bose

d)   Bel GangadharTilak

Q22. Raja Rammohan RoyformedBrahmoSamaj in

a)   1825

b)   1826

c)   1827

d)   1828

Q23. At the backdrop of socio-religious reforms in nineteenth century India, RehnumaiMazdeyasan Sabha was formed by the

a)   Sikhs

b)   Muslims

c)   Punjabi

d)   Parsees

Q24. Who was known by “Lokahitabadi” in Maharashtra?

a)   Gopal Hari Deshmukh

b)   BalGangadharTilak

c)   Justice Ranade

d)   K Gokhale

Q25. Who was the editor of the newspaper “ Voice of India”?

a)   SubramaniyaIyer

b)   Bal GangadharTilak

c)   DadabhaiNauroji

d)   Bipin Chandra Pal

26. Archaeological excavations revealed remains of stadium in

(a) Tanjore (b) Lothal (c) Ropar (d)  Sopara

27. The Rig Veda consists of …… hymns.

(a) 250 (b) 520 (c) 724 (d) 1028

28. Who converted Kanishka to Buddhism?

(a) Nagarjuna (b) Basumitra (c) Asvaghosa (d)Agnimitra

  1. Who issued the Nasik Inscription?

(a) Dharmapal (b) Gautamiputra Satakarni (c) Harisen (d) Harshavardhan

  1. Pulakesin2 defeated Harshavardhana on the river

(a) Narmada (b) Tapti (c) Kaveri (d) Godavari

  1. The Arab conquered of Sindh in

(a) 714 (b)712 (c)718 (d)740

  1. Who founded the Bahmani dynasty?

(a) Ala-ud-din Hasan Bahman Shah (b) Ahmad Shah (c) Muhammad Ghori (d) Ghiyasuddin Balban

  1. Which Mughal emperor subdued the Portuguese in Bengal?

(a) Jahangir (b) Akbar (c) Shah Jahan (d) Aurangeb

  1. Who wrote Tahqiq-i-Hind?

(a) Alberuni (b) Al Masudi (c) Abul Fazl (d) Sulaiman

  1. The capital of the Mughal Empire was shifted from Agra to Delhi by

(a) Jahangir (b) Akbar (c) Aurangeb (d) Shah Jahan

  1. All India Kishan Sabha was founded in

(a) 1942 (b) 1936 (c) 1920 (d) 1938

  1. Who said “What Bengal thinks today, India will think tomorrow”.

(a) S. C. Bose (b) B. G. Tilak (c) G. K. Gokhle (d) Aurobindo Ghosh

  1. When was the Cooperative Societies Act first passed in India?

(a)1902 (b) 1905 (c) 1906 (d) 1904

  1. Whom did the Gadar Party plot to kill?

(a) Kingsford (b) Hardinge (c) Tagart (d) Northbrook

  1. Who started Bhoodan Movement?

(a) Mahatma Gandhi (b) Swami Vivekananda (c) Jayaprakash Narayan  (d) Acharya Vinoba Bhave

  1. Who was the first Indian to become the member of British Parliament?

(a)Dadabhai Naoroji (b)BadruddiTyabji  (c) DN Watcha (d)WC Banerjee

  1. Ram Prasad Bismil was associated with

(a)Alippore Bomb Case (b)Kakori Bomb Case (c)Kanpur Conspiracy Case (d)Meerut Conspiracy Case

  1. The word Adivasi was used for the first time to refer to the tribal people by

(a) MK Gandhi (b) BR Ambedkar (c) Thakkar Bappa (d) Jyotiba Phule

  1. Who was known as the ‘Liberator of the press’?

(a) Hastings (b)Ripon (c) Bentick (d)Matcalfe

  1. Who decided the Cripps Proposal as a post-dated cheque on a crashing bank?

(a)SC Bose (b)MK Gandhi  (c)Nallavbhai Patel (d) JL Nehru

  1. The name of Indian first under water robotic drone is ———-



c) Eye Blue SHARK


  1. Which of the following Tenis US open 2018 Men’s title
  2.      a) Roger Federer

b)Novak Djokovic

  1.     c) Rafael Nadal
  2.     d) Andy Murray
  3. Which of the following Indian Airport Introduced ‘Face recognition based passage System Technology’  ?
  4.      a) Delhi
  5.      b) Kolkata
  6.      c) Bengaluru
  7.      d) Mumbai
  8. Along with the French Prime Minister , Which of the following person was awarded champions of the Earth Award 2018
  9.      a) Google Led
  10.      b) Amazon Chief
  11.      c) Donald trump
  12.      d) Indian Prime Minister
  13. The first draft of the National Register Of Citizens (NRC)
  14.      a) Assam
  15.      b) Uttar prodesh
  16.      c) Meghalaya
  17.     d) Tripura
  18. Ranji Tropi 2017 —— won by
  19.      a) Delhi
  20.      b) West Bengal

c ) Mumbai

  1.     d) Bidarva
  2. On which place , 2018 Pravashi Bharatiya Divas is celebrated
  3.     a) Mumbai
  4. b) London
  5.     c) New York
  6.     d) Singapore
  7. Name of the present Chairman of PSRO
  8.     a) A.S. Kiron Kumar
  9.    b) K Sivan



  1. UNESCO recently included The Khangchenzonga Biosphere Reserve as the 11 th Biosphere Reserve from India — It is located in
  2.    a) Sikkim
  3.    b) Manipur
  4. c) West Bengal
  5. d) Assam
  6. On which day World Senior Citizens day is observed
  7. a) 21 st January
  8. b) 21 st March
  9. c) 21 st August
  10. d) 21 st November
  11. Who won the Gold medal is Wrostlingis Asian Games as First Indian woman
  12. a) Geeta phogat
  13. b) Fatema Sova Sheikh
  14. c) Vinesh phogat
  15. d) Sakshi Malik
  16. Name of the present Chief Justice of India
  17. a) Dipak Mishra
  18. b) Ranjon Gogoi
  19. c) Ashok Gangly
  20. d) Fatima Bibi.

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