Interviews: WBCS and Others

“Interview” is a term which makes most of us somewhat nervous; even though we can manage to accumulate enough confidence in ourself. Actually, the thought of presenting ourselves in the best possible way in front of the Board Members seems a real challenge but then overcoming the challenge is the another name of life.

Here we will be talking about mainly for the “Personality Test” of WBCS Examination but it will be helpful for all other interview too, be it Government job or any Private Sector job.

From the very first day of announcement of the date of Interview our mind starts working on taking preparation for the Interview in the back of our mind. Actually, from that day onwards a chain of thoughts – like what type of questions have to be answered, what kind of dress should be put on, what language will the interviewer be used, what if I fail to answer their questions & many more such type of questions often arise in our mind.

It should keep in mind that the Personality Test is not the test of your academic knowledge. That hurdles you have already crossed during your Prelim & Mains written exam. The Board Members are there to test your practical knowledge of daily life, your experience in any field so far, your attitude, your punctuality, your behaviour, your ability to keep your cool under any unfavourable circumstances, your outlook on burning problems of the society, in short they will find out the “Genuine You” in a short span of time through conversation. So, present yourself as you are, no need imitating others or pretending to be something else.


First of all, dress properly. If you want to make a good impression, then you have to maintain certain things- like full sleeve light solid coloured shirt, preferably of cotton fabric, with proper trouser. Hair should be of proper cut & every kind of experimental cut & hair colour should be avoided. All type of rings in hand should be avoided. Clean shaved …

For female, simple cotton or silk saree is preferable with simple matching blouse. Colour of the outfit should be sober & fluorescent colours to be avoided. Hair to be tied in a bun & it should not come over the face while talking to the interviewer. High heel shoe should be avoided. Nail polish & Lipstick may be avoided. Mild perfumes can be used. Use of ornaments should be minimum. Loud make-up & loud colour of dress is absolutely ….

Try your outfit at least a few days before to make sure that there are no problem with it & you are comfortable with it.

  1. Arrive well ahead at the venue for being comfortable with the environment and to avoid any unnecessary tension. Do not forget to carry the newspaper of that day with you. You may look over it while waiting for the call. Sometimes interviewer asked news of that day if there is something very remarkable or important in nature there in that day’s paper. Also this may help not panicked by the conversation & side talks of the other candidates.
  2. Bring all your documents of academic qualification in original & enough no.of photocopies of those with or without attestation as asked for.

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